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The Center Staff:

  • Provides access to high throughput state-of-the-art technologies and turnkey services for clinical and biomedical investigators at UNC investigators, affiliates, and off-site investigators
  • Schedules and provides technical expertise and consultation services on use of Core Equipment
  • Provides sample processing, barcoding, and storage 
  • Consults and collaborates on projects that require advanced analytical techniques

The DELTA Translational Center:

  • Provides high throughput state of the art technologies and technical expertise to support projects exploring the cell-type specific mediated immune dysfunction and immune-mediated disorders. Technologies supported include:

Multiplex (Luminex) acquisition & analysis

nanoString acquisition & nCounter analysis 

  • Offers technical expertise and access to flow cytometric immuno- and cell phenotyping and DNA cell-cycle analysis. Technologies supported include:

Flow cytometric data acquisition and analysis with the BD Accuri C6 and BD FACScan systems

  • Offers technical expertise and access to technologies for interrogating genetic-based cellular responses (DNA, RNA, mRNA, miRNA). Technologies supported include:

QuantStudio 6 Flex real-time PCR (hourly rate)

NanoString (rate/plate)

  • Provides technical expertise and access to technologies for interrogating cellular soluble mediators. Technologies supported include: 

Spectramax M2 ELISA (96-well format)

BioPlex 200 (Luminex) 

  • Provides technical resources and expertise to perform bone morphometric analysis with microCT analysis. Technologies supported include:

X-Ray Microtomography (microCT) sample preparation, data acquisition, and data analysis

  • Supports Research Rigor and Reproducibility through access to:

study design, methodologic and data analysis consulting efforts, and 

providing sample collection, processing, barcoding and storage of biological samples.