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Below are details about the instrumentation within the ∆Translational Services Recharge Center. Visit the Rates Page for Instrumentation and Services fee schedules.

BioPlex® 200 multiplex assay system (Luminex)BioRad Luminex

The BioPlex 200 system is a suspension array method which allows interrogation of up to 100 biomolecules (protein, nucleic acid) in a single suspension sample. 

nanoString nCounter® MAX Analysis System

NanoString nCounter® MAX is a high throughput direct detection method for RNA, DNA, miRNA and protein detection using direct detection hybridization. 


  • For use with RNA, DNA, miRNA, and protein analytes; High precision and sensitivity (<1 copy/cell)
  • Counts native expression via direct hybridization, barcoding and imaging (nCounter® technology)
  • Rapid results and efficient sample workflow and intuitive data analysis & up to 800 targets/sample tube
  • Compatible with a wide range of sample input (FFPE, serum, plasma, PMCS, FACS etc.)
  • Avoids RT and amplification bias potentially incurred using traditional RNA → cDNA methods
  • Combine RNA, DNA, and protein panels (3D Biology™) 

QuantStudio 6 Flex Real-Time PCR 

The Applied Biosystems QuantStudio 6 Flex Real-Time PCR System offers a high throughput 96-well 5 color format with intuitive software and easy touch-screen setup. Detects as small as 1.5-fold changes in singleplex reactions and 10 logs dynamic range. Compatible with: Applied Biosystems™ SYBR™, TaqMan

For use in studies interrogating:

  • Gene expression
  • miRNA profiling
  • SNP genotyping
  • Copy number variation
  • Protein thermal shift
  • High resolution melt
  • Pathogen detection

Flow Cytometry 


The FACScan™ system is an automated flow cytometer that analyzes cells as they pass through a focused laser beam one at a time in a moving fluid stream. A BD FACScan flow cytometer can be used for routine research applications, immunophenotyping, and DNA cell-cycle analysis. Laser lines: 488, 530, 575 or 650 nm 


BD Accuri™ C6

Cell cycle, apoptosis, proliferation, viability, signaling, DNA damage, DNA content

X-Ray Microtomography (Micro-CT)